Welcome to Fox Creek Fitness!

Fox Creek Fitness is dedicated to providing a supportive atmosphere for adults who want to improve their physical fitness, mental toughness, and overall health and wellness.

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Who are we?
Fox Creek Fitness offers fitness kickboxing, TRX classes and personal training services to adults. Kickboxing and TRX classes are held at the Alpha Martial Arts studio in Longmont at various times on most days of the week, and personal training sessions are tailored to your time and location preferences. Many of our students are physically active outside of classes, and we emphasize fitness as a habit both in and out of the studio. We also actively support many worthwhile local and national charities whenever we can.

Why Fox Creek Fitness?
Fox Creek Fitness was voted “Best Place to Work Out” in the 2016 Longmont Times Call Reader’s Choice awards. We know that more people than ever are interested in starting an exercise program, and as a result, kickboxing studios and gyms are popping up everywhere. So what sets us apart from these other places?

  1. We are smaller than most fitness programs.  You won’t feel lost in a crowd of strangers in our classes, and we are better able to work with individuals on specific technique or recovery details than is possible with very large classes.
  2. Your first three classes are FREE. And we don’t do long term contracts.  We want you to be here because you WANT to be here, not because you feel obligated because of a long term contract. Our experience has been that it takes about three classes for new students to have a better understanding of how things are organized, and then they will be better able to decide if they want to continue to come on a regular basis. That choice is yours, and we won’t pressure you to join if you don’t think it is a good fit.
  3. Your price goes DOWN the longer you are with us.  For those who have been active in our program for awhile and/or have helped us grow by referring others, we LOWER your monthly tuition. And those decreases are permanent as long as you remain with our program.
  4. We will take you to other studios to try other programs.  We know there are all kinds of options to help you stay fit beyond what we offer. We occasionally visit other studios to allow our members to see other ways of staying active by participating in classes with them. These classes have included yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, archery, sculling, Crossfit, bootcamps and many others. Often the classes are private for just our members. And they are almost always FREE to our members.

Thank you for your interest, and please contact us if you would like more information!