Summer 2017 Teacher Special

Fox Creek Fitness is proud to once again offer an unlimited summer of kickboxing and/or TRX for our teachers for one low price. From Monday May 29th – Saturday Aug 12, all teachers can attend unlimited classes (kickboxing or TRX) for just $149.  With your payment, you will have access to any and all activities that FCF members will be doing throughout the summer, often for free or for a reduced price.

Contact us today to sign up!

Kickboxers Earn New Belts

A handful of kickboxers have earned their new belts since the beginning of the year:

Erika Grant has been going strong for quite awhile now and earned her red belt in January.

Melissa Abalos has been coming to night classes and her kids got to see her earn her yellow belt last month.

And Melissa Decino,  who has been coming consistently in spite of recent work related travels, earned her blue belt on March 4.

Congratulations to each of these women who have put in many long, hard hours to earn their respective belts. We look forward to more great things from them in the future!

Kickboxers Participate in Fight For Air Stair Climb

On Sunday Feb 26, Fox Creek Fitness fielded a team of 12 people for the annual Fight For Air stair climb at the Republic Plaza building in Denver. This event is a major fundraiser for the American Lung Association, and FCF has participated in it for the past 3 years. Participants could sign up to either climb as many times as they could in an hour (with an express elevator ride down in between) and/or climb one time as quickly as they can. In the end, we had four team members doing their first climb, and the team as a whole raised over $1600!

The hour long ascents team


The single ascent team

Kickboxers Earn New Belts

Gary Robin and D

Gary, Robin and D with their new belts and support crew

On Saturday morning, December 3, three kickboxers tested for and earned their new belts. Congratulations to Gary Burns who earned his green belt, Robin Schneider who earned her purple belt, and D Hewitt who earned his blue belt. All three have been very consistent participants in class, and all three continue to improve both their technique and stamina with all of their exercises.


Meredith and Elijah with their new belts and support crew

In addition, on Monday night, December 5th, Elijah Stackley and Meredith Locke tested for their orange and yellow belts. Elijah makes up the other half (along with D) of the high school kickboxer power duo, two young men who unleash raw explosiveness with every class. Meredith has been a member for over a year now, but a recent work schedule change has allowed her to be a regular evening participant now, and she has successfully put in the time and effort to earn her first new belt with our program.

Keep up the good work everyone! And thank you to those who came out to support all of these students as they went through this round of testing!

Thanksgiving Workout / Fundraiser Big Success!

TG 2016

Fox Creek Fitness had its annual Thanksgiving morning workout last week, and the giving was very generous!

We continued to get gifts for our “Fitness Fir” contribution to the TLC Learning Center, and we donated over a hundred pounds of food to the OUR Center. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, and to everyone who came out to continue the Worky Off the Turkey tradition with us on Thanksgiving Day.

With the holidays upon us, it is a great time to remember that there are many people in need and many great organizations you can donate to that can help those people. Give if you can, either monetarily, materialistically, or through your service. Every bit helps!

Happy Holidays!

Worky Off the Turkey – Thanksgiving Workout


Join us for our annual Thanksgiving “Worky Off the Turkey” workout! We will get in a fun workout followed by an extended stretch and cooldown session. Here are the details:

  • Who – Everyone 15 years or older
  • What – ~1 hour of kickboxing / bootcamp / turkey tossing, ~30 mins of stretching and recovery
  • Where – Amerikick studio, 195 S. Main St
  • When – Thanksgiving morning, 11/24/16 from 8:00 – 9:30 AM
  • Why – To raise money for the TLC learning center through their annual Christmas tree auction

Admission is FREE, but donations are encouraged (and can be brought in anytime leading up to this event). No experience or equipment necessary.

Call or email Chris for more details!

Kickboxers Earn New Belts


Three kickboxers, Melissa Decino, Gary Burns and Tejasi Pimpalkhute earned their green, orange and yellow belts this morning. All have been involved with our program for less than a year, and every one of them has improved tremendously in both technique and stamina since they’ve been working out with us. Congratulations to all of you on another great workout and on earning your new belts!

2016 Summer B.A.M! Challenge Winners

This summer we had our B.A.M! challenge. This 14 week long challenge encouraged members to achieve in three different areas:

  1. Blue stripes – For organized activities completed outside of the regular studio kickboxing classes.
  2. Attendance – For the number of days in which members attended kickboxing classes.
  3. Mileage – For running, hiking, biking, etc. miles completed.

And after 14 long weeks, we have our three winners. Robin Schneider, a blue belt who has been with the program for about two years, had the highest attendance this summer. She attended on 51 out of a total possible 69 days of classes. Her prize package included some fitness equipment so she can work out at home during the days she can’t get into the studio for class (which isn’t often). Additional congrats go to Dina Linzer and Laurie Roybal who kept it neck and neck until the very end and were our 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

Robin - BAM attendance winner

Nicole Smathers, who has been with our program for 6 1/2 years and is our highest ranking student at 3rd degree black belt, was our mileage winner, logging in 312 miles this summer through hiking and running. Other members logged biking, swimming and even kayaking miles to contribute to our FCF total of 1475 miles for the summer. For her efforts, Nicole won a $100 gift certificate to REI. Gail Longenecker came in 2nd with 227 miles (covered by a lot of biking and swimming), and Laurie Roybal took 3rd at 154 with lots of evening walks. (On a side note, Laurie was the only one to place highly in both the attendance AND mileage categories, no small feat when you consider how difficult it can be to find time to do either of those frequently).

Nicole - BAM mileage winner

Renee Godfrey, who is a blue belt that has been with our program for a year and a half, was our blue stripe category winner for completing activities outside of class. Earlier this year, Renee worked outside of class to meet the requirements for her Muay Thai black belt, and this summer she was able to get out hiking and get some 14ers under her belt. She also went with a group to Fitness on the Rocks this summer and still actively participates in charity walks and runs for many different worthy causes. Renee’s prize package includes a new shirt, gloves, water bottle and FCF monogrammed towel.

Renee - BAM blue stripe winner

Congratulations to our winners and to all of our participants! I know this challenged helped get people out doing things they wouldn’t have ordinarily done (myself included), and we’ll most certainly do similar challenges in the future. Great work everyone!

Kickboxers Tackle Huron Peak


On Sunday, Sept 18th, a group of 9 FCF kickboxers and former kickboxers set out in an attempt to summit 14er Huron Peak near Buena Vista. We were on the trail for about 7 hours total and got to experience some amazing fall colors along the way. Bonds were strengthened and friendships were created which helped make this a very successful outing.


Getting started at 7:15 AM


Melissa on the summit


Renee on the summit


Jenny showing her excitement on the hike


Nicole, Chris and Laurie on the summit



Heading down after a long morning


Fall colors