Jeanne Dworak – Instructor


Jeanne is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast.  She has been  active around Longmont gyms for many years but really found a passion for fitness when she discovered Fitness Kickboxing.  While progressing toward her second degree black belt as a student with Fox Creek Fitness, she decided that she wanted to help others find their passions as well, so her transition to kickboxing instructor made perfect sense. Jeanne’s strength as an instructor is her ability to diversify each class, intentionally challenging the muscles in new ways so that students of all abilities are able to grow.

When she isn’t kickboxing, Jeanne has fun competing in mud runs, stair climbs and a marathon or two.  Outside of training, Jeanne loves spending time with her family, whether it be on the slopes or just a long walk with her husband.