Kickboxing Pricing

We understand that starting a new fitness program is a big step, but continuing it is an even bigger one. To help keep you motivated, we have implemented several policies to make the process as pressure free as possible.

  1. Your first 3 classes are FREE, no strings attached. Because every class is different, we want you to experience several before deciding if our program is a good fit for you.
  2. We have no long term contracts. We want you to attend classes because you WANT to be there, not because you have been forced into a long term membership. You may cancel your membership at any time with written notice.
  3. We are happy to temporarily hold or credit your membership so you have the opportunity to attend the classes you’ve paid for in case of vacation or other  unforeseen circumstances.
  4. We accept cash, check or credit card. We can automatically charge you each month if you prefer.

After your free trial, if you decide that you like what you see and you want to continue with classes, we offer two membership options* and a drop in option:

  • Unlimited membership – $99/month  (includes access to as many classes per month as you want)
  • Punch card – $100/card  (Includes 8 classes, good for 4 months)
  • Drop ins – $15/class


*Available Discounts

To show our appreciation for those who have been with the program awhile and/or those who have helped our program grow by referring other members, we offer a variety of discounts to the unlimited membership price. We also give a discount to those enrolled in martial arts classes with Amerikick.

FamilyGiven if a family member already has an unlimited membership. $50 Kickboxing Tuition (overrides all other discounts)
ReferralGiven if you refer someone who enrolls with an unlimited membership.$5 credit per referral to a minimum tuition of $5 per month
FriendsGiven if you join with an unlimited membership with friends.$5 credit (1-3 friends)
$10 credit (4 or more friends)
LongevityGiven as you advance in belt rank over a minimum time and number of classes.$5 credit (purple – high brown belts)
$20 credit (black belt)
AmerikickGiven if any family members are also enrolled in the Amerikick Martial Arts program.$5 credit

Contact us today for more details about our programs and their pricing!